1. Who will be caring for my pets?


Our sitters have years of experience caring for pets.  They will be insured and trained to the highest standards.Background and reference checks are performed on any representative of our company.  No one new will be caring for your pet without your knowledge. You will always have the opportunity to meet any new sitters before they care for your pets.



2.  What happens if there is an emergency with my pet during your visits?


If anything happens to your home or your pet you will be contacted by phone immediately.  It is strongly recommended that you provide us with contact information for a trusted friend or family member in case we are unable to reach you.  A vet release is also part of the initial paperwork in case we have to take your pet to the vet.Our sitters are also Pet CPR and First Aid trained.



3.  What happens if my sitter has an emergency and is unable to make it to a visit?


If an emergency is so dire that a pet sitter is unable to make it to a scheduled visit then you will be notified by phone.  We take the care of your pet very seriously. An instance like this would be very rare, however, Fur Babies and More Pet Sitting does have backup sitters.  If you’re unavailable, we would contact your emergency contact first and then reach out to our backups.



4.  How do you handle visits during inclement weather?


Fur Babies and More Pet Sitting will do everything possible to care for your pets even if there are ice and snow.  We do suggest having a neighbor with a key for backup, just in case roads are closed and it isn’t safe for your pet sitter to travel.



5.  Do you do cat visits every other day?


For the safety of your cat, we will only accept cat sitting assignments that occur at least once a day.  For kittens, we recommend twice a day, especially if they are allowed free roam of your house in your absence.


6.  Can I have a friend do some of the visits and have you do others while I’m out of town?


For liability reasons, we must be the only ones caring for your pet in your absence.We can’t be responsible for the actions of anyone caring for your pet that isn’t a Fur Babies and More Pet Sitting sitter.  Therefore, we are unable to accept these kinds of assignments.



7.  How many dogs do you walk at a time?


Our goal is to make sure that walks are both safe and enjoyable for your dogs.  For this reason, Fur Babies and More Pet Sitting will walk no more than four dogs at once.There are many factors involved, so this is determined on a case by case basis.  The general rule for large dogs is no more than two at once.For small dogs, the most we walk at once is four.



8.  Do I have to sign a service agreement?


In order for Fur Babies and More Pet Sitting to provide the safest and most responsible care to your pets, we do require a service agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Created by Kate Foster of Fur Babies and More Pet Sitting

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