Overnight Pet Sitting: The Benefits and Cost

Ever wonder which option is the best for your pet when you're away? It can be hard to sort through the available pet care options, especially if you prefer for your pet to have overnight supervision. In this article, we will look at overnight pet sitting in your home. We will look at reasons a pet sitter staying in your home at night is beneficial, how much the service will cost, and go over some pros and cons of other options.

Reasons to Consider Overnight Pet Sitting in Your Home

1. It is less stressful for your pet to have companionship and care provided in the comfort of their own home.

2. Dogs and cats are sensitive to changes in routine. With a pet sitter staying on the premises it is easier to keep their morning and evening schedules consistent in your absence. Someone is there to let them out in the middle of the night or to sleep with them in the bed. Mealtimes happen when they're supposed to as do walks and playtime.

3. You have a bonded and insured individual providing a presence in your home. It is added security for you and your pets when you can't be there.

4. With Pet CPR and First Aid training, you will know your pet is safe with an experienced professional.

5. Your pets are less likely to be exposed to germs that could make them sick.

6. You're coming home to your pets right away. There are no worries about getting them home after a long trip.

The Average Cost of Overnight Pet Sitting in Kennesaw and Acworth

Most professional pet sitters in the Kennesaw and Acworth areas charge between $60 and $100 a night. There may be additional fees for multiple pets and if you need an afternoon check-in it will probably be an extra charge also. Overall, it still ends up being around the same cost as a kennel and in the long run, it may save you money, especially if you have several pets.

For example, at Fur Babies and More Pet Sitting, we charge $65 a night plus $2 for each additional pet. Our stay is normally between 9 pm and 7 am, but we are willing to extend the visits to 12 hours if requested and we have the time in our schedule. For dogs, we recommend a midday visit with this service. Midday visits run $18 for 30 minutes plus $2 for each additional pet.

At first, the prices may not seem cost effective, but there are other considerations. How many times do your return home from a trip late on Saturday or Sunday? Most kennels and boarding facilities are closed to the public on Sunday. This means an extra day that your pets spend in a kennel and extra expense for you. Wouldn't your pets be happier in their own space for only a minimal difference in cost? Wouldn't you like to see your pets right away upon your return from vacation?

Other options

1. In-Home Boarding

An in-home boarding situation is one where you take your pet to individual pet sitters home. Some people prefer this option because they feel their pets get round the clock care. It is often less expensive than hiring a pet sitter. Dogs may also like the socialization with other dogs. However, researching the sitter and the in-home environment is essential.

Not all pet sitters who board in their own homes are licensed to do so. Also, your pets are around many other pets, some of which may not be well socialized. Dogs can get into fights and if there is only one sitter at the home things can get out of hand. Finding out the sitter's policies for controlling several dogs within the home is essential. It is also important to ask how they confine the dogs when they leave their house. Policies on cleanliness and disease prevention are also important.

2. Boarding at a Kennel

The kennel at the vet's office is a traditional form of pet care that many people prefer because they like the idea of having a veterinarian there with their pets. At these facilities, dogs are let out for potty breaks and playtime periodically during the day. There are usually several staff members there to supervise dogs. However, most kennels are not staffed at night. For some dogs, the sounds and smells in a kennel can be stressful.

Another thing to consider is the amount of space your pet will have. A majority of the day and throughout the night they will be confined to a small dog run or a metal kennel that is no bigger than a dog crate. If they poop or pee during the night then they end up sleeping near their own waste. As with the other options, research is important. Ask to see the facility, find out how much space your dog will have, how often and for how long they're let out of their kennel and if the facility offers night-time supervision.

Overall, any one of these pet care options could be the right fit for you and your pets. Asking the right questions is key to understanding how safe and comfortable your pet will be regardless of the option you choose. Fur Babies and More Pet Sitting offers overnight pet sitting in your home. If you decide your that your pets will be happier with all night companionship at home then we are here to help you. Please feel free to contact us at 404-723-2148 to set up a meet and greet!

Jack Russell Terrier
Overnight fur client Piper loves that her pet sitter stays with her at home

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